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Lot 284-5
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Lot 284-4
Large Waterfall
Tennis Cocurt view
Large Waterfall


Pull-in lots can only be used by Motorhomes.

Back-in lots can be used by any allowed RV.

"Please do not go onto occupied lots without being escorted by the Realtor"



913-617-7275, STOP BY LOT 317


Montgomery Whiteley Realty


 - Lot 30 - Back-in - $ 93,500
"INSTANT RESORT LIFE"  This beautifully appointed lot with a gorgeous view has it ALL!    The outdoor kitchen is of the highest quality, as are all the furnishings on this great living space.  It truly must be seen to be fully appreciated.  Storage Trailer can be included for the right price.  The 2014 Bayhill 32RS 5th wheel has a fireplace, dishwasher, and convection/microwave oven, and all the dishes & cookware remain Is available also.  "Everything Goes" and it could go to YOU today!  Contact Cheryl Rosenow, Montgomery Whiteley Realty, 913-617-7275
PRICE REDUCED - Lot 36 - Back-in - $ 72,900
Fully improved right to the edge of the waterfall, this lot offers tons of space for outdoor living & entertaining.  Surrounded by great landscaping, mature shade trees, the sounds of running water and nature, you'll enjoy the great views from your lot near the lake.  The patio offers sunshine and the side yard nook offers shade.  Furnishings stay with the lot.   Contact Cheryl Rosenow, Montgomery Whiteley Realty, 913-617-7275
PRICE REDUCED - Lot 39 - Back-In - $62,500
NEW stonework and landscaping enhance this lot to the fullest.  The living area offers several nooks for different uses, providing privacy, shade, and the sounds of the waterfall at the rear of the lot.  The flame style night lighting extends your lazy days into evenings at the lake.  Enjoy the grill and other furnishings along with some peek-a-boo views to the water.  You get a real snug as a bug feel on this tucked in waterfall lot.  Also available the 2018 Highland Ridge Open Range 371MBH for $40,000 if purchased with the lot.  Contact Cheryl Rosenow, Montgomery Whiteley Realty, 913-617-7275.

Lot 47 - Back-in - $75,000

This back-in lot offers plenty of green grass and has an extensive rear stone patio with water feature and surrounding gardens.  A lovely setting as it exists, but with plenty of options when adding your own touches.

Cheryl Rosenow - 913-617-7275

Montgomery Whiteley Realty


Lot 47 Plat
Lot 49 - Pull-in - $ 87,500
This over sized lot is one of the grandest in the resort.  Situated on a private corner with great shade and wonderful landscaping it boasts a two-level patio with grand stone staircase connecting the two levels.  The upper patio sits near the waterfall and offers wonderful sights and sounds.  The lower area is surrounded by colorful gardens and has lots of space for cooking and entertaining.  Nicely furnished, the furniture may stay with the lot.  Come see how the beautiful stonework compliments all the nature around it and makes this truly a grand environment for your lake living.

Cheryl Rosenow - 913-617-7275

Montgomery Whiteley Realty


Lot 122 - Back-in - $ 165,000
This RARE FIND, wonderful back-in lot is perhaps the closest to the water of any in the resort, and it comes with EVERYTHING!!  Healthy shade trees surround the lot and complement the beautiful gardens and grassy side yard. The Teak tables and chairs stay on the expanded living area where the American flag flies in the lake breeze.  The 2018 Montana 3791RD 5th wheel is fully loaded and ready to be your “instant” lake home.  The street legal Emerge golf cart is included to complete the lifestyle.  This property is offered as a package and gives you a perfect opportunity to “live on the edge” here at Table Rock Lake.  Contact Cheryl Rosenow, Montgomery Whiteley Realty, 913-617-7275
Lot 122A - Back-in - $ 105,000
Uniquely HUGE!  The underground utilities run down the left side of this expansive lot.  This area will always be grass but it will always be yours to enjoy.  Bordered by three trees the morning shade is lovely for that first cup of java.  The circular stampcrete patio is beautiful and beautifully easy care.  Stairs lead to the large grassy play area.  And, there is still more room for patio expansion in the future.  Did I mention the grand lake view from high on the cliff overlooking the golf course?  Yes, you get the picture.  This plus size beauty is HUGELY Unique!! Contact Cheryl Rosenow, Montgomery Whiteley Realty, 913-617-7275
Lot 126 - Pull-in - $ 65,000
This undeveloped lot sits overlooking a green and a sand trap, with the lake as a background.  The view is panoramic.  Mature shade trees are on both sides of the lot to frame whatever you picture as your lake life.  Live simply with your lawn chair on the grass enjoying the breeze, or, make additions to match your lifestyle.   It is the “good life” either way!  Contact Cheryl Rosenow, Montgomery Whiteley Realty, 913-617-7275
SALE PENDING - Lot 127 - Pull-in - $ 75,500
This is the most budget priced, FULL size, Improved, lake lot available!!  Surrounded on both sides of the coach by mature trees the eating area is fully shaded at mid-day.  The lot is fully expanded in pavers and surrounded by easy care crushed rock gardens.  Flowering shrubs offer privacy and colorful summer blooms.  The view of the lake and the golf course is a full 180 panorama. A good deal for the REAL DEAL!
Also available for additional dollars 2016 Forest River Sportscoach Cross Country M-404 RB 340 hp.  Contact Cheryl Rosenow, Montgomery Whiteley Realty, 913-617-7275
SALE PENDING - Lot 129 - Pull-in - $ 65,000
"Have it your Way" on this undeveloped lake front/golf course lot.  The great 180 degree water views are already there, you can design to your heart's content.  The 9th Hole is across the street, so you have a great grassy hillside view there also.  Contact Cheryl Rosenow, Montgomery Whiteley Realty, 913-617-7275
SALE PENDING - Lot 130 - Pull-in - $ 70,000
"Have it your Way" on this undeveloped lake front/golf course lot.  The great 180 degree water views are already there, you can design to your heart's content.  The 9th Hole is across the street, so you have a great grassy hillside view there also.  Contact Cheryl Rosenow, Montgomery Whiteley Realty, 913-617-7275
PRICE REDUCED - Lot 217 - Back-in - $ 64,500
The unique custom design of this lot creates a beautiful setting.  Brick trim, mature shade trees and the white fence give a relaxed, welcoming, country feel.  Stunning features, all with low/no care maintenance.  The lot is quiet and peaceful but across the street is the convenience of the pool, laundry, and showers.  You will take great pride and pleasure in your “One of a Kind” lake place.  Contact Cheryl Rosenow, Montgomery Whiteley Realty, 913-617-7275

Lot 245 - Pull-in - $64,500 - Boat Slip Available w/ this lot

This lakefront lot has an expansive view of the golf course, lake, and cove.  The large finished living area still offers room for creativity and has landscaping along both sides, as well as nice shade trees.  Lots of character in this original part of the resort.  Add your touch of character to it today.

Add the Boat Slip available for additional $$$ to make a nice package.   

Cheryl Rosenow


 Montgomery Whiteley Realty


Lot 245 Plat

FSBO - Lot 256 - Pull-in - $49,900 

This corner lot offers an excellent view of the lake from the extended patio. Table set and grill included.

For Sale By Owner


Lot 256 Plat
Lot 256-2
Lot 256-3
Lot 256-1
Lot 257 - Pull-in - $68,500
Premiere Boutique Style   All the finest touches are on this little hillside lot.  A beautiful 6 seat bar/kitchen area with grill, sink, refrigerator compartment and wine cooler starts your outdoor enjoyment.  The living/entertaining area has nooks of privacy and open areas with a view.  All are furnished with first class cushioned seating plus dining table and chairs. The lot is framed with a very sophisticated stone wall on three sides with colorful shrubs for some privacy.  Mature shade trees offer relief throughout the day.  Get a glimpse of the activity on the lake from several vantage points. Did I mention the breeze?  Even the Golf Cart is included with this lot.  Come stand on this lot, you will find it easy to imagine yourself right here!  Contact Cheryl Rosenow, Montgomery Whiteley Realty, 913-617-7275
Lot 259 - Pull-In - $ 47,750
Nothing square about this lot!  The swerves and curves design of the finished living area add unique visual interest.  Highlights of the landscaping are the dry stacked wall of the living area and a great block retaining wall the full length of the lot on the utility side.  Getting to your basement and utilities has never been easier or cleaner.  The crushed rock garden areas are very easy care.  Direct views to the lake, from a couple different vantage points, round out this great lake place offered at a price that is strictly on the level. Contact Cheryl Rosenow, Montgomery Whiteley Realty, 913-617-7275
Lot 263 - Pull-In - $ 68,000
Enjoy a panoramic view of the golf course and the lake, and cove, from this nicely appointed and landscaped lot. Shade trees border you on both sides.  The lighting that accents the Classic stone wall and perimeter gardens is dim-able. Crushed rock gardens with flowering shrubs are easy care and add to the distinctive detail of the generous living space.  Adding to the ease of living on Lot 263 is the direct access from the street and the automatic sprinkler system.  Sitting under the large lighted umbrella you will have the perfect formula for enjoyable lake living.  Contact Cheryl Rosenow, Montgomery Whiteley Realty, 913-617-7275
Lot 281 - Back-in - $150,000
Live large and relax on this fine corner lot with water features surrounding you on three sides.  A beautiful cascading waterfall and pond are the signature piece of this lot.  Add the large waterfall and fountain view to the right, and the continuous views of the lake on the horizon to the front and your eyes and ears are loving it! Add beautiful, creative landscaping and shade, and your enjoyment just keeps on growing.  Wave to the passing neighbors or enjoy the private seating provided by the flowering crepes.  A custom platform holds a grill and can accommodate a small frig too. Plenty of green grass fronts the lot for pets and kids and hot games of corn hole.  With abundant living and parking space you are indeed living large, well and happy.Cheryl Rosenow, Montgomery Whiteley Realty, 913-617-7275
SALE PENDING - Lot 287 - Back-in - $89,900
It's not Christmas but Lot 287 is a gift package!!  This welcoming natural setting has recently been updated to offer more living space, beautiful easy care gardens, and night scape lighting,  Surrounded by beautiful shade trees you'll enjoy the tiered patio of quality stonework with an outdoor kitchen and seating for several guests.  The view is grand of the waterfall and the lake.  The pool, bathhouse, & laundry are nearby.  You need to open this package as a gift for yourself!!  Also available a 2016 43 ft Crossroads Redwood with full body paint and fully loaded with options can be seen by appointment.Cheryl Rosenow, Montgomery Whiteley Realty, 913-617-7275
Lot 288 - Back-in - $91,000

The unique, custom designed kitchen and entertainment space on this patio is sweeping in size and has no peers.  Complimented beautifully by the matching custom firepit dinner table the area boasts a large gas grill, refrigerator, trash can and microwave, plus plenty of storage.  A free-standing electric smoker stands nearby.  The view of the lake from your favorite easy chair is outstanding.  The view from your RV window is even more grand.  This easy-care lot has electric receptacles everywhere and is surrounded by mature shade trees and landscaping details.  Next to the pool and convenient to the showers, sauna and laundry, life is made even more carefree.  This is a one of a kind!

There is a 2012 EZ Go golf cart for $3200 that can be packaged with the lot if you desire. The 2017 Sanibel 5th wheel is also available.  This is a beautiful unit with king bed, double vanity, large shower, 2 huge pantries, fireplace and much more.  Cheryl Rosenow, Montgomery Whiteley Realty,

913-617-7275  cheryl@mwrrealty.com  

Lot 290 - Pull-in - $41,900

Enjoy the Super Convenient Location next to swimming pool, hot tub, bathhouse and laundry.  This unimproved lot is ready for your imaginative expansion plans that will include a nice stone wall and a view of the waterfall & the lake in the distance.

Cheryl Rosenow, 913-617-7275 

Montgomery Whiteley Realty


Lot 290 Plat
Lot 290-d
Lot 290-b
Lot 290-a
Lot 290-2
Lot 290-1
Lot 295 - Pull-in - $ 84,500
Rock, Water, Sizzle !  You will be the winner with this beautiful lot.  Exquisite rock walls & patio offer a great spot to view the rock waterfalls to your left and a great lake view to your right.  The ceramic tile kitchen area with stainless steel cooktop and grill, plus two refrigerators make steaks, chops, & seafood sizzle with success.  The built-in propane firepit adds warmth & beauty to those chilly evenings.  Many light fixtures, elec. outlets, and a sprinkler system make this easy care and easy living.  Come and sit for a moment and imagine yourself lingering here day after day.
Cheryl Rosenow, Montgomery Whiteley Realty, 913-617-7275 or cheryl@mwrrealty.com