Ozarks RV Resort on Table Rock Lake


Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  Is this a time-share?

A.  No, all lots are deeded properties, just like owning a house.


Q.  If I own a lot, can I rent to others?

A.  No, all rentals must be done through our office which is controlled by the Owners Association.  You have the option of including your          lot in the “rental pool” or of“opting out”.  If an owner’s lot is rented, the owner receives $5.00 per night to defray the cost of the                electric service and the balance is split 50/50 with the owner and the HOA.  Rental income is paid to the owner quarterly.  If rental              income in any given year exceeds $600 the owner will be sent a Form 1099 for income tax purposes.


Q.  Do I have to notify the office when I plan to use my lot?

A.  We encourage all owners to notify the office as far in advance of arrival as possible.  If your lot is in the rental pool this should be                considered mandatory because we would hate to advise a guest that they must move to a different lot.


Q.  Are there association fees?

A.  Yes, the current maintenance fees are $240.00 per month.   This includes water, sewer and any grass mowing on your lot.  The owner is      responsible for maintaining any landscaped areas on the lot and for their trees.        


Q.  What about utility costs?

A.  Electric Service is the only utility for which the owner is responsible.  We have a community well and sewer system and the monthly            maintenance fees cover those expenses. 


Q.  What about property taxes?

A.  As with all deeded property, taxes are assessed annually.  The actual taxes for any specific property can easily be determined.                      Currently, the taxes for most lots run between $300 to $500 per year. 


Q.  Can I add to my patio or create landscaping?

A.  All plans for improvements must be approved by our Architectural Review Committee.   Copies of our Architectural Guidelines are                available in the office.  We do not allow screen houses, gazebos, permanent awnings or other structures that might impede another            owner’s view of the lake.


Q.  How is the Resort governed and managed?

A.  Our Board of Directors consists of five members who have the responsibility of

     ensuring all actions are in compliance with our “Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions” and our “Bylaws”.  All owners are required to        adhere to the provisions of both documents and copies of both are available in the office or we can e-mail them to you.

Q.  What are the green fees for the golf course?

A.  At this time there is no charge for any of our amenities, but we expect all golfers to abide by the rules and accepted etiquette of the            game of golf.


Q.  What are the other amenities within the Resort?

A.  We have two swimming pools and there is a hot tub in each pool area.  The upper pool

      and hot tub are reserved for use by owners only.  We have a tennis court and three pickle-ball courts, all of which are lighted for night         play.  The activity center is primarily for games, table tennis, jig-saw puzzles, book exchange etc.  We have a gorgeous clubhouse which is restricted to owners only except for any planned social events.  There is a courtesy dock adjacent to a boat-launch area.  However,    the Corp of Engineers has established a three-day maximum use, at which time the boat must be pulled out of the water at least over-       night.  


Q.  If I am an owner can I use the clubhouse for private functions?

A.  Subject to availability, the clubhouse may be used for private functions, however there could be a fee for that usage.  Please advise the       Resort Manager of the date, number of people involved, the number of hours, and the nature of the event.  The Resort Manager will           notify the Board for approval and cost.


Q.  Is there a storm shelter?

A.  Yes.  It is in the lower level of the clubhouse.  While not truly rated as a “tornado shelter”, most people accept that it is probably a lot        safer than staying in an RV during a storm.


Q.  Are there any restrictions as to selling my lot?

A.  No.  You have clear title and can dispose of your lot in any manner that is legally     acceptable.  You can choose to sell it “By Owner” or      list with any realtor of your choosing.


Q.  What type of RV’s are allowed?

A.  All Class A, Class C, and Class B+ motorhomes, travel trailers, and fifth-wheels.   However, there is a restriction that all RV’s must be at        least 24-feet in length with no canvas, and must be in good condition.